Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ignore the NCAA? It's More Possible Than You Think

I’ve devoted a significant amount of my posts on this blog criticizing the NCAA. Admittedly, the organization is an easy target, and its hypocritical policies strike a sensitive chord for me as it does anyone else who loves college sports more than they probably should.

But after this most recent revelation in the ongoing case against Miami and NCAA President Mark Emmert’s “pass the buck” attitude, I’m beginning to wonder what would happen if member schools finally said enough and started ignoring the NCAA.

Seriously. Think about it for a sec ........................ What would happen if Miami President Donna Shalala called up Emmert’s office in Indy and said, “Screw you guys,” and removed themselves from the NCAA completely? What would happen if they convinced the Florida schools or ACC schools to join them? Or if Penn State, USC, UCLA, and Ohio State all joined in after they went through their own garbage investigations? With mega-conferences an inevitability, is it really that far fetched?

Schools are NCAA members by choice. I don’t understand the legality of the agreement between the two entities (and I don’t pretend to), but I do understand no one is forcing any of these member institutions to go along with NCAA by-laws. The organization exists because universities allow it to exist, which makes all this uproar about the Miami case all the more ironic.

P.S. In the mood for more frustrating, hypocritical irony? Check out this little gem on the NCAA attacking academic freedom.

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