Friday, October 26, 2012

For What It's Worth: The Real Cost of Hiring Bobby Petrino

The desire to win will make you do crazy things, like inject yourself with a substance that will some day shrink your testicles and give you “man-boobs”. It’ll also make you say things like, “Hey, how about Bobby Petrino?”

Yes, rational, competent adult SEC fans have uttered such a phrase about this man. The man who hired his unqualified mistress to his staff at Arkansas, abandoned his NFL team after 13 games, and interviewed secretly for a position at Auburn while he was still head coach at Louisville. 

Yeah, that guy.

It’s difficult to believe Tennessee fans and boosters have such a short memory. Lane Kiffin anyone? Remember the train wreck? The carnage? The burning mattresses? This is what happened when winning was given precedent over integrity. Does anyone want to experience that again?

But fans at Tennessee are clamoring for Petrino, and they’re not the only ones. Fans at Auburn, Kentucky, and yes, even Arkansas are joining in on the Scumbag Sweepstakes. This irrational fervor is summed up nicely by Grantland’s Bryan Curtis. “The point is not that Petrino is an OK guy. It’s that college football has festered for so long that even Petrino’s awfulness seems pedestrian.” 

So if fans want Petrino, then fine. Sign him, but you have to own it. When he screws over the university for more money (a la Louisville AND Atlanta), or abandons the young men who trust him because a hot, co-ed gives him a second look (a la Arkansas), accept it. It’s happened everywhere he’s been. Why on Earth would it change at Tennessee or anywhere else?

I’d rather go 7-5 and wait for Jon Gruden to come save the day.

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